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Coming to terms with disability and uncertainty about the future can be a challenge. Many survivors feel misunderstood, lonely and afraid. Loved ones often feel overwhelmed. Small groups are the heart of a comprehensive recovery program. In a safe and supportive group, members can learn effective coping skills and develop flexible emotional, mental and spiritual attitudes and behaviors.

Our intimate group meets weekly and offers a safe place to heal and re-vision your life with stroke:

  1. Share your story and listen with compassion

  2. Learn and practice new attitudes and behaviors

  3. Experience meditation, guided imagery and guided somatic exercises

  4. Participate in creative and fun activities

Group members are encouraged to commit to the next step in rebuilding their lives, practice letting go, and cultivate acceptance.

  1. Group

  2. May we sit with wisdom and compassion

  3. at the ancient fires

  4. of dashed hopes

  5. and lost dreams

  6. May the pain  which brings us together

  7. become the cave we enter

  8. in reverent descent

  9. and surrender

  10. to what

  11. IS

  12. May we have the courage

  13. to bear this rebirth

  14. together

  15.             by Carol Howard Wooton, from Wounded Healers


Members from diverse ethnic and social communities connect to the vulnerability and strength within themselves and one another. That which separates survivors from the mainstream is precisely what creates a community of belonging. Everyone matters. The body is re-inhabited. Hope is rekindled.

Small Groups for Stroke Survivors

“In Carol’s group, I learned to witness my stroke instead of being my stroke.”

                       Ram Dass


Time: Thursdays, 12:30 - 2:30 pm

Place: Kentfield, CA

Cost: $160 for four meetings

Contact Carol for details and to

arrange a pre-group assessment.

If you are curious about who we are or what we do, you are already facing your situation. Together we will decide if the group is the right place for you or your loved one.



PO Box 448, Fairfax, CA 94978

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